Four Ways to Save Big Bucks This Fall

PSSSSST! . .have I got a deal for you! Or should I say, lots of retailers have deals for you.

Yep, I mean major sales! Savin’ some green. Keeping more of your hard-earned cash. But don’t go tearin’ out the door, checkbook in hand just yet. There are deals — and there are deals, if you know what I mean, Pumpkin. Autumn is a great time to save some serious dough IF you’re in the market for:

• a new washer, dryer, stove, or refrigerator

• patio furniture and accessories

• bicycles

• trees and shrubs

Why? You know how auto makers come out with the “latest and greatest thing since sliced bread” new models every year? So do all those appliance manufacturers. New colors. An extra “gee whiz” button or two. Maybe a timer that sings a song, I don’t know. Redesigned and better than ever. . . All to make you burn with desire for a brand new washer that practically runs itself or that unbelievable, stupendous, amazing dryer . . .  you know, the one that means you’ll never have to iron another thing again as long as you live. (If you come across one that really does exist, puhleeze let me know!)

What happens to all those poor lonely refrigerators and washers and stoves still sitting on the showroom floors? Last year’s models? Well, Cupcake, retailers are in one gigantic tizzy to move ’em out so there’s room for all those shiny new models. Woo Hoo! Good news for you! Save a bundle by opting for the 2011 appliances instead of being lured into spending more on the 2012 models.

Ask the salesperson to tell you all about the sales on those 2011 models. If you’re buying more than one appliance (like a washer and dryer), don’t pass up the chance to get a package deal discount. Retailers often offer these kinds of deals and if it’s not offered, ASK FOR ONE.

And while you’re in Frugalista Mode, negotiate for free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old appliances. More ways to save! If the salesperson says, “No can do,” talk to the department manager. Be your charmin’, sweet little ol’ self — but be firm. Don’t hesitate to mention that you know they need to make room for those 2012 models arriving any minute and you’re ready to help ’em out. And if you can’t get a great deal at one store — just head on out the door and pay a visit to their competitors. Shopping around can save you big bucks.

October is one of the best times to make a sweet deal on a bicycle for your kid (or maybe one for your inner child). It’s the same situation as with appliances. There’s not a thing wrong with the 2011 bikes (they’re still brand- spankin’ new)  but those shiny 2012 models are ready to roll in, just in time for Christmas. Retailers need that floor space and last year’s models are just so, well, last year. So, go ahead and buy a bike — but make it last year’s edition. You’ll save  yourself a nice chunk of change.

OK, let’s head on out to the yard . . . here’s the low-down on where to find the best deals to spruce up your property. Nurseries are anxious to unload all those “leftover” trees and shrubs before winter, so now’s the time to look for deep discounts on landscape plants. Don’t forget about discount department stores that sell plants. They need to get rid of them too. If you love digging in the dirt, you should have no trouble finding plenty to keep you busy planting. Just don’t buy annuals. You’re wasting your money because they’ll probably die in a month or two. (That’s why they call ’em annuals. Buy those in the spring!)

Does your patio furniture look like you bought it way back in 1997? Hmmm, we need to have a little talk. . . Those grease stains on the cushions might conjure up memories of the best darn barbeque you ever tasted, but it’s time to let go and toss ’em in the trash can. It’s OK, Cupcake. You weren’t meant to be together forever.

Trot on down your local big box department store or home improvement store — Walmart, Target, KMart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or whatever. Summer’s over and they’re itchin’ to get rid of anything that smacks of summer right now. Check out the deals on patio furniture, accessories, even those humongous tongs and spatulas for your grill. After all, they need to make room for seasonal stuff like giant blow-up Santas and a herd of light-up reindeer for the front yard.

More great ways to save coming up in my next post . . .


4 thoughts on “Four Ways to Save Big Bucks This Fall

  1. Hey there “Famous Frugalista”,
    Luv’n your blog, helping us save a buck or two. Looking forward to next post. Snappy outfit your wearing. The boa is wild! Congrats.

    • Thanks for all the love, Janet! Feather boas forever! And keep checking back for lots more ways to save some money — and have fun at the same time. Life is too short not to laugh.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry! Glad you enjoyed the post — just goes to show that you can have a sense of humor and save some $$$ too. By the way, if you have any ideas for topics you want to read about in the future, just send ’em my way. I’ll do my best to find a way to help save some moola and give people a few giggles at the same time.

  3. I laughed so hard!!! You may also be able to get some gigs as a stand-up comedian!! I am sure they need to get rid of some of the ones who aren’t funny:)

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