Famous Frugalista Find of the Week!

You know I’m always on the lookout for a great bargain or a super-duper deal. (It must be in my DNA or something). And when I find a deal, it’s my sworn duty as The Famous Frugalista to share it with you.

Well, Cupcake, have I got a Famous Frugalista Find of  the Week for you! This site isn’t just one bargain — it’s a whole truckload of ways to save some dough on travel. You’re one smart cookie, so you already know about travel sites like Travelocity, Priceline, and Orbitz. They’re good, but I found a great site that makes me want to pack up my tiara and feather boas and head out on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n right now.

Does a few days lounging on the beach at a Punta Cana resort get your motor running? It’s raining here today so I could sure go for that!  With meals, drinks, windsurfing (how will I keep my boa from blowing away?), and a round of golf included.  Heck, they even throw in an introductory scuba clinic.  Just how many simoleons will this deal set you back?  $85 a night per person. Not bad, eh?

Beach resorts not your thing? Not to worry. For  you Elvis fans, there are half-off tickets for Graceland tours. Hefty discounts to Broadway  and Las Vegas shows — big name stuff too.

How about weeklong Christmas cruises, half price rooms in Las Vegas, 5-star safari vacations, even a 13-night transatlantic cruise for $499? Huh? No, your eyes aren’t going all weird on you. It’s really $499. And not on some rickety ol’ freighter where you sleep in a teensy bunk down in the hold with the rodents and eat cold sandwiches every day. We’re talkin’ the Norwegian Cruise Line here. Can you say “luxury”?

Wait a minute.  You don’t want to leave the good ol’ USA, Darlin’?  No problemo. Picture yourself relaxing at a totally luxurious 4-diamond resort in Myrtle
Beach. Aaaahh! With a spa. Hot tubs. Gorgeous swimming pools. $79.00 a night.

That’s the kind of deal that makes my Frugalista heart beat a whole lot faster — especially since I haven’t stayed in a 4-diamond anything since way back in the last century.

Every week there’s a new Top 20 list to drool over. This week it’s Paris. . . New York City . . . California’s wine country. . . a waterfront resort in Florida. . . Italy. . .Can’t wait to see next week’s list!

I know what you’re thinking — Gimme the link already!!! OK, OK — go check out TravelZoo.com right now.

No money for a vacation? No whining and pouting allowed!  Just keep checking this blog for more ways to save.  All those dimes and dollars will add up and in no time, you’ll be jumping on one of those great travel deals yourself. (And don’t forget to send me a postcard when you get there.☺)

© The Famous Frugalista 2011


2 thoughts on “Famous Frugalista Find of the Week!

  1. Ahhh, something to tuck away for future reference….my sister and I were discussing today…the need and desire for a trip to England, Wales, and maybe Scotland…she has been …so I just need to get it ingear…and at these prices…I can even afford to eat while away 🙂

    • When you & your sis get ready to go, let me know and I’ll scope out some Frugalista deals on your destination. You know. . . dining in style for half off. . . booga buck savings on castle tours . . . or flea market tours? Don’t know if I can get you in for High Tea with the Queen though. Maybe if you bring her a feather boa?

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