A Christmas Thank You Letter to Treasure

Today’s Famous Frugalista Christmas gift suggestion is for a very special person on your list. It will take an hour  — maybe even less — to create and you won’t have to lay out a single penny. The best part is that whoever gets this one-of-a-kind and unexpected gift will think you’re absolutely incredible for giving it. Have I got your attention now?

What is this super-sensational, extraordinary, marvelous, totally amazing present? A letter.

That’s right, but not just any letter. A letter written straight from your heart that tells why you’re so thankful to have that person in your life. The kind of letter that will lift a person’s spirits and make them smile. The kind of letter that will be read again and again and again.

All too often we mean to acknowledge a special someone, but life gets busy and somehow we just never get around to it. Nobody gets through this life all alone and each of us has people that have made our lives sweeter. This is the season to say “Thank You!” — but  it’s kind of hard sometimes to express what we’re really feeling face-to-face. isn’t it? That’s why a letter is so perfect, Sweet Pea.

Some idea sparkers:

• How has this person had a positive effect on your life?

• What have you learned from her?

• How has he inspired you?

• Picked you up when you were down? Encouraged you when you wanted to give up?

• Helped you through a rough patch?

• Made you laugh?

• Been loyal and supportive no matter how many dumb wrong turns you took?

Who will you write to — a parent, an old friend, a mentor, a pastor, a teacher?

Do it this Christmas while that special person is still living. Don’t wait until it’s too late, Cupcake. Get some paper and a pen right now and get busy. You’ll get all warm and fuzzy-feeling inside (a bonus just for you!) and you’ll give someone special the best gift ever. A pure pleasure boost. A gift worth it’s weight in gold. It will mean more than you can possibly imagine.

So write that letter today. If you’re feeling extra-creative, you can always add a decorative border or a little drawing or sprinkle a few sequin “jewels” in the envelope. Remember, it’s what you say, straight from the heart, that makes your Christmas Thank You Letter really shine.

© The Famous Frugalista 2011


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