Give a Gift With a Story Behind It

The Black Friday madness is on! Zillions of people waiting outside stores in the freezing cold, willing to brave the crowds ready to trample anyone too slow to get out of the way when the doors open. . . Shoppers grabbing any bargain they can get their mitts on, buying stuff just because it’s on sale . . . but not you and me, Cupcake. No siree!

We’re giving gifts with sentiment and meaning behind them this year. Gifts we create ourselves. And we’re not spending a fortune or going into debt to do it either. Don’t you feel pretty darn smart? OK, let’s be honest, maybe even just a tad smug? It feels pretty good, doesn’t it, to know that everyone on your list is getting something individually designed and distinctive? Something original and unique? Oh yeah, it does!

Did anyone ever give you a present with a special story behind it? If you were lucky enough to get a gift like this, I’ll bet you were thrilled that someone cared enough to give it to you. I’ll always treasure a black string shawl given by a dear friend who wrote a “legend” to go with it. How terrific is that?

What can you give that has a great story to go with it? Go through those boxes in the attic or garage, check the top shelf of the closet, dig around in the cabinets. You’ll find some goodies there. The actual article can be just about anything — salt and pepper shakers, a hat, a plate, a family heirloom, a book — even a gum wrapper that you’ve formed an emotional attachment to. (I’d recommend framing that gum wrapper to make it totally amazing though!)

Here’s how to amp it up and make your gift a real treasure. Sit down and write about where it came from, who owned it before, and explain why it has a special meaning to you — and most especially, why you’re giving it to that particular person.

Give specifics about anything and everything that you can think of. Is there a wonderful family event associated with it? A reminder of a fabulous vacation spot? A funny story? Something that happened the day you got it? Be creative! What makes this particular item extraordinary? Put your heart into it, Darlin’.

And if you don’t have a terrific tale to go with it, write up your own “legend.” Make it fun . . . or poignant . . . or silly . . . or adventurous. Go ahead — it’s your tale. Get those creative juices flowin’, Pumpkin, and let ‘er rip. (This isn’t the time to get all self-conscious and negative about your writing abilities. Just start writing! And it doesn’t have to be ten pages long. One little ol’ page, that’s all you need.)

When you’re finished, sign and date it. Then carefully wrap it all up and be prepared to “feel the love” when it’s opened.

© The Famous Frugalista 2011


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