Save Some Moola With Free Christmas eCards

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Ready or not  . . .  It’s time to get those Christmas cards ready to mail — or email, as the case may be.

I know, I know — some of us are purists who insist that it’s not really a card unless it arrives in your mailbox, you rip open the envelope, and prop it up on the mantle.

But don’t you worry, don’t you cry, Sweet Pea, in the next week or so I’ll be sharing some places to get great deals on “real” Christmas cards and some super-cute ones that you can make in just a few minutes.

Let’s face it though, Darlin’, this IS the Electronic Age and gazillions of people are using email instead of snail mail to send holiday greetings to everyone they know. Two big reasons:

1) eCards are FREE (at least the sites I found for you are)

2) you can whip through that Christmas list quicker ‘n you can whistle “Jingle Bells”

Ready to start browsing through the selections? Lots of traditional styles, along with some that should make even Ebenezer Scrooge smile, religious ones, and a few that will just make you go “Aaawwww.”

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

Image via Wikipedia – Hundreds of free cards to choose from and you’re not limited to just Christmas at this site. You’re going to see pop-up ads for the site sponsors from time to time on either side of the page. (Yep, they’re kind of annoying but it’s easy to close ’em up. Just click and they disappear.)

It’s the season to give to your favorite charities, right? And I know you’re a generous soul but on livin’ on a shoestring budget makes giving kind of tough. Here’s a totally painless (as in, “This won’t cost you one red cent”) way to give to charity and send out some cute eCards at the same time. Here’s how it works. When you send a FREE Care 2 eCard, it generates a donation to a good cause.  Check out the list at the bottom of the site to see the causes supported. There are over 25,000 eCards to choose from for all occasions too. Now how’s that for a win-win, Pumpkin?

Still haven’t found that perfect card for Great Uncle Harry or your new niece-in-law? Take a gander at egreetings.  You can make someone’s day without spending a dime. . . and it’s not just for Christmas either.

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How about Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, April Fool’s Day, even — are you ready for this? — Black Friday. What? You need a card to tell you to go out and shop, shop, shop? Lots of nice Christmas cards here too. And some are available in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Now you can send greetings to all your BFFs around the world.

Got someone on your list who’d get a big kick out of a card that’s just a little goofy? Try Funny Ecards. To be honest, I doubt if they’re exactly right for your Aunt Millie, but then who knows? She might get a big belly laugh out of them.

If you use one of these sites, please let me know if you liked their service. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. In other words, Cupcake, they’re not sending me boatloads of cash for recommending them. It would be nice, but they’re not. I’m just passing the word along about them because as The Famous Frugalista I’m all about helping YOU save money. Yep, it’s all about livin’ high on the hog when you can’t afford bacon.

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Simple, Heartfelt Gifts to Make for Christmas

Yowza! The year is zippin’ by, isn’t it? Seems like we were just throwing our 4th of July bash, then it was “Trick or Treat” time. And now Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. Which means Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye and we’ll be singing “Jingle Bells” before you know it.

I love, love, love this season! Decorating the trees, cookin’ up all kinds of yummy treats, Christmas carols, watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the 127th time, finding just the right gift for everyone on my list. . .

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Most everyone I know is on a budget these days — and that makes Christmas shopping kinda stressful. For anyone trying to figure out how to make those dollars s-t-r-e-t-c-h, the holidays can give you a big, bad case of heartburn.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, Cupcake. Quit worrying about where the money’s gonna come from to cover everyone’s presents. I’ve got your back on this!

How about I show you how to give sensational, stupendous, awesome gifts that won’t cost you one cent? That’s right. Easy-peasy and quick to make. And the person getting one of your gifts is guaranteed to absolutely love it — and YOU for dreaming it up. What could be better?

Christmas gifts.

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All you’ve gotta do is gather up some stuff you’ve already got around the house, get the ol’ creative juices flowing, and spend a little bit of time.

All this week I’ll be giving you super-simple, step-by-step directions for heart-felt Christmas presents your family, friends, and neighbors will love.

And they’re not gonna bust your budget, have you whipping out a credit card, or overdrawing your checking account either. Ready? Then let’s get going on the first one!

Personalized Services Coupon Book

What you’ll need:  

2 index cards or pieces of thin cardboard

paper cut the same size as the index cards

colored markers, crayons, pictures cut from magazines, old Christmas cards, anything that you want to use for decorating the cover

glitter, sequins, etc. (optional — but isn’t glitzy fun?)

Step 1:  Now’s the time to put your imagination into high gear. Think, Sweetpea, think! What would the person getting this coupon book really love having someone else do for them? Clean out the garage? Wash the windows? Give the family chariot a good scrub and wax job? Bake a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies? Or take care of ironing a big pile of clothes? (I’d sure like that!)

Maybe a coupon for an evening of baby-sitting for a friend or neighbor who never gets to go out? Or a coupon good for helping her finish that scrapbook she started years ago? How about a few hours of yard work? Help with planting a vegetable garden in the spring?

Step 2:  This isn’t hard, is it? Once you’ve got a fistful of coupons (write them out by hand or do ’em up on your computer), it’s time to sandwich them in between the index cards so you have a front and back cover. Staple it together — or tie it up with a ribbon, stick them in with a Christmas card, whatever tickles your fancy, Darlin’.

Step 3:  Whew! The hard part is done. Now you get to design and decorate the cover. Have fun! Play with this and make it special. Make it stand out with color or drawings or a collage of magazine pictures. Go natural with pretty leaves, seeds, or dried flowers. Sprinkle on the gold and silver glitter.

Christmas in the post-War United States

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Remember, it shouldn’t be “store-bought perfect.” What makes this so wonderful is that in this age of fast food, race track speed lives, and a “just grab anything and go” attitude, you’re taking the time to create a heart-felt and personalized gift.

Who wouldn’t love you for it?

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